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pretty cravings #7: Tiffany Notes bracelets

I cannot wait till i get them, so cute!

Dream a little dream:

Let me count the ways:

Look For Less: Christian Louboutins for Less

– Christian Louboutin Clou Noeud 150 studded slingback

available in nude and black

These sell for 302 KD (675 pounds/$1066) on net-a-porter

– NYLA Genevieve pumps

available in nude and black as well

these sell for 30KD (!!!!!!!!) ($104.95 / 67 pounds)  on

Jason Wu Pre-Fall 2011

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love it!


WHITE TIGHTS(!!!!) instead of black ones!

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Buy a pair ASAP! Wearing white tights during winter is such a refreshing change and, if its being worn correctly, you would stand out because everyone else’s wearing black!

Wear it right:

1- The tights CANNOT be transparent. It has to be obvious that you are delibartley wearing white tights for the sake of wearing white tights!

2- By white I mean any shade of white and in any pattern

3- If you want to be safe, wear it with a black dress and heels or an loose black shirt and thigh high heels

4- They can be worn with muted hues and shoes

5- Be creative! Wear them with bold bright prints and patterns!

6- For the 60s look: MINIDRESSES!

7- For the 70s look: wear them with Earthy and floral tones!

8- Wear them with creamy colors (beige, tan, brown) and wool! Mix it up and add leather or plaids to the outfit, and maybe a duffel coat? Very country

9- For the shoes: try not to wear black. go for tans, brown leather, grays, and if ur going for the 60s/70s look do not be afraid of bold colors

Experiment and have fun with it! ENJOY!

Michael Kors pre-fall 2011

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The collection has bold colors, light prints, color blocking, sexy silheoutes and cut outs.. Not loving it, but its alright i guess!

pretty cravings #6(?): winter

I think this one’s number 6,I’m not sure at all and I’m too sleepy to check..
What I want right now is winter
Cold cooold real winter
I mean its december and the weather’s only cold at night??! AND my room’s hot and the ac isn’t working in MY room only
I guess that’s the reason why I want winter right now
I’m hot
I’m tired
I’m sleepy
I can’t sleep becuz its too hot

please God, answer my prayers
make this winter a real one (my boots want to be worn!!!)
Make this winter a rememberable one
Make this winter special
Help me save up for those boots I want
And may all my readers’ wishes & prayers come true

Would it be completely un-islamic to wish you all a merry christmas?
Well.. I dnt knw I cnt think straight becuz of all the heat
Gonna go fix the ac

Lots of love & thanks for the encouraging emails!